Below are the Noble Manhattan Faculty all over the world. Please click the vertical tab below to show the Faculty of each Country.

Cherry Mullins
Cherry MullinsTrainer, Tele-lecturer, Final Assessor, Mentor Coach, Masterclasses
David Wilson
David WilsonTrainer, Mentor Coach, Corporate Supervisor
Dawn Campbell
Dawn CampbellMentor coach, Tele-Lecturer
Di McLanachan
Di McLanachanMentor coach, Tele-Lecturer, Corporate Supervisor
John Fielder
John FielderFinal Assessor
Katrin Prentice
Katrin PrenticeManaging Partner of Noble Manhattan Bulgaria, Mentor, Trainer, Marker, TeleClasses, Accredited Senior Coach (IIC), Accredited Master Coach (IIC&M)
Borislava Loboshka
Borislava LoboshkaTrainer, Mentor Coach
Elena Altimirska
Elena AltimirskaTrainer, Mentor Coach, Corporate Supervision, Written Work Assesor
Ralitsa Hristova
Ralitsa HristovaWritten work assessor, Trainer, Mentor
Ilina Natcheva
Ilina NatchevaWritten Work Assesor
Pauline Sawaya
Pauline SawayaTrainer, Mentor Coach, Tele-lecturer, Written Work Assesor, Accredited Master Coach IAPC&M
Patrick Matta
Patrick MattaWritten Work Assesor
Marta Gabalewicz
Marta GabalewiczTrainer, Final Assessor, Mentor Coach, Tele Lecturer, Written Work Assesor
Lukasz Wieczorek
Lukasz WieczorekTrainer, Mentor Coach, Tele Lecturer, Written Work Assesor
Aureliusz Leżeński
Aureliusz LeżeńskiTrainer, Final Assessor, Written Work Assesor
Beata Ponichtera
Beata PonichteraMentor Coach, Written Work Assesor
Boguś Michalak
Boguś Michalak
Kamila Koźbiał
Kamila Koźbiał
Dana Costea
Dana CosteaTrainer, Tele Lecturer
Irina Toma
Irina TomaTrainer , Written Work Assesor
Raluca Dimitru
Raluca DimitruTele-lecturer, Masterclasses
Lavinia Dumitrescu
Lavinia DumitrescuLavinia Dumitrescu
Iulian Luca
Iulian LucaFinal Assessor, Mentor Coach, Tele-lecturer
Neli Petkova
Neli PetkovaWritten Work Assessor, Trainer, Support Coach/Mentor
Jorge Lugris
Jorge LugrisMasterclasses
Patricia López
Patricia López
Ufuk Koc
Ufuk KocTrainer, Final Assessor, Mentor Coach, Tele Lecturer, Corporate Supervisor, Written Work Assesor
Hikmet Berk Kaya
Hikmet Berk KayaTrainer, Mentor Coach, Tele Lecturer, Corporate Supervisor, Written Work Assesor
Libby Dishner
Libby DishnerMentor Coach, Tele-lecturer, Corporate Supervision
Iulia Sorescu
Iulia SorescuTele-lecturer, Written Work Assessor

Support Coaches

Wendy Jeffery
Wendy JefferyMentor coach, Tele-Lecturer
Rosemarie Wilson
Rosemarie WilsonSupport Coach
Nina Noorali
Nina NooraliSupport Coach
Tamara Ulmean
Tamara UlmeanSupport Coach
Steve O'Reilley
Steve O'ReilleySupport Coach
Richard Abrahams
Richard AbrahamsSupport Coach
Borislava Loboshka
Borislava LoboshkaSupport Coach